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Help Is on the Way

March 5, 2018

“ Yes, I am coming soon.’” Revelation 22:20

My aging Chevy Tahoe has a nifty little feature—the OnStar button. Some time back, General Motors started installing this blue button on many of their vehicles. If you need help, all you do is press it. If you’re out of gas, if you’re lost, or if you get a flat tire, just touch the blue button and a real live operator is there to talk to you about your problem. In fact, if you get in an accident and the airbags go off, it will automatically connect you to one of their operators to make sure that you get help. Amazing!

Perhaps you’ve heard the OnStar radio commercials. The ads are usually an audio clip from an actual call. It’s usually something like, “Hello? I’ve just been in an accident and I’m in the middle of nowhere. It’s dark out and I can’t see anything . . . And I think there’s a guy with an axe coming out of the woods.” (Okay, I made up the axe part.) In response, the calm, comforting voice of the OnStar operator, says, “Don’t worry, we have your location and help is on the way!” Then as an added measure of comfort, the operator asks, “Are you going to be alright?” and inevitably the frightened motorist will say, “Yes, I’ll be fine.”

The point is, in the midst of a scary, difficult experience, the promise of “help is on the way” goes a long way in bringing hope and reassurance. It’s a great boost to know that someone is coming to your rescue.

Jesus often comforted His disciples with this exact promise. He knew that the temptation to give up in the midst of tough times would be strong, so He reminded them often, “I am coming back—help is on its way” (see John 14:3,18,28).

But His promise is not just for the first-century disciples. Jesus’ promise extends to us as well. In fact, it is featured in the concluding words of Scripture, as John penned the book of Revelation. Exiled to the island of Patmos, near the end of his life with the promise of Jesus’ coming yet unfulfilled, John is nonetheless strengthened and reassured by these words: “Yes, I am coming soon” (Rev. 22:20). John’s response, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is simple and profound: “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.”

John knew what it was to experience sorrow. He felt firsthand the pain of persecution. No doubt receiving the incredible vision of a new heaven and a new earth highlighted how barren and difficult life on this planet could be by contrast. But the recorded words of Jesus throughout the book reinforce the truth: You’re not alone! I know right where you are, and I’m coming back for you!

Life for us is fragile as well. Inevitably, we find ourselves emotionally and spiritually in the ditch, broken-down, frightened, and wondering if we’re going to make it. It happens so fast. One phone call. One visit to the doctor. One broken relationship. But we are not without hope. Jesus promised, “Yes, I am coming soon.”

Wherever you are and whatever you’re facing today, your trust in the promise of Christ’s return will bring you a deep sense of peace that defies understanding.

So, chin up—help is on the way and heaven is next!


  • What circumstances in your life have left you spiritually and emotionally in the ditch?
  • How do you usually respond when you find yourself in those circumstances?
  • How does it encourage and strengthen you to focus on the promise that Jesus is coming back one day?